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Carignan grape variety
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: France

Carignan is a very common red wine grape in the south of France. It particularly thrives on the crumbly shale and schist soils found on many of the steep slopes in the Languedoc area and is also a popular blending grape in the southern Rhone, the Cotes du Ventoux and in some parts of southern Provence.
While it is common as a blending grape, there are some outstanding examples of single varietal wines from the Corbières and Saint Chinian appellations.
It is not a grape that has distinguished itself in Australia.
Although it is widespread in southern France it probably originated in Spain where it is known as Mazuelo or Carinyena. In the United States they add an extra 'e' on the end - Carignane.
Carignan is used to great effect in the Avanti Popolo from made by Axel Prufer of Le Temps des Cerises. Another one of our favourite wines made from Carignan is that from Domaine Rimbert called Le Chant de Marjolaine. This wine is produced on slopes in the Saint Chinian appellation which is high in schist soils thus giving rise to an underlying 'steeliness'.
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