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Cavaillon melons
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Address: Cavaillon, Provence, 84000
Country: France

Cavaillon melons provide us with a lot of joy during our regular visits to the Vaucluse area of France.
We used to think that melons were melons. However, when you visit Cavaillon you get a very different impression. There are different melons for different purposes and they are all thoroughly delicious, gaining their deep flavour from the heavy loam soils on the plains of the Durance River where they have been cultivated since the 14th century.
You will find them in the local markets such as Velleron, Cavaillon, Coustellet and Apt from around June to September.
Cavaillon melons have a light green skin with distinctive vertical stripes. Once you cut the melon open the deep orange flesh will be revealed.
In the Vaucluse melons are served in a variety of ways including as an appetizer. Here the melon is cut in half and the seeds scooped out and the gap filled with the local sweet wine called Muscat de Beaumes de Venise to create a sweet and sour dish that is a light and delicious start to the meal. We first came across this way of serving melon at Café de France in the Luberon town of Apt.
It is also served as a soup or for dessert or just eat pieces by themselves at any time of the day!
Some of the best varieties are Mayol, Charentais and Luna star although some experts have identified up to sixteen different varieties growing in the area.
Interestingly, scientific analysis by Taylor and Mottram (1996) showed that the aromas are the result of high concentrations of a combination of esters including ethyl isobutrate, methyl 2-methylbutyrate, ethyl butyrate and ethyl 2-methylbutyrate.
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