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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 206 985 1500
Address: 1026 NE 64th Street (6400 Roosevelt Way)
Seattle, Washington, 98115
Country: United States

On our most recent trips to Seattle we have been staying in Bellevue on the opposite side of the lake to the main part of town. This has meant taking regular trips across the lake and up the I5 for the mandatory shopping visits to the gigantic Whole Foods Market - the best place in Seattle to source organic foods.
The management of the ubiquitous Whole Foods Market chain have done a very good job of becoming a major corporation while maintaining the feel of a local community store.
As you approach the complex you will encounter the queue of cars as eager shoppers struggle to find a space in the below-ground car park. Ascending into the store you will be confronted by a sea of fruit and vegetables of the highest quality stacked in huge wooden bins. Wander through this section and then admire the fresh fish of the day in the fishmongers before moving on to the amazing display of large haunches of aging Oregon County Beef.
The store just goes on and on. There is a health foods section. You can even grind your own flour if you want the best. (As an aside, how many homes make bread or cakes from flour that has been sitting around for months and inevitably has become rancid?)
There is a lovely cheese section where you can buy cheese that has just been cut. This is far preferably to those nasty cryovac portions where the cheese has literally been killed by being unable to breath. Move on to the wine section and experience a world of wines. There are not just examples from the US West Coast but you can wander through the Rhone, Tuscany, Bordeaux, Burgundy and as well as Friuli, Sardegna, Alsace and Provence. Australia, Chile, South Africa and Argentina are also represented.
Then you reach the pre-prepared foods section where an army of chefs turn out a staggering array of dishes for you to take home or eat in the small cafeteria section.
This place is a must-visit location. The quality of all products is very high. The producers are committed to the highest standards and the staff are obliging and helpful. They seem anxious to please.
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