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Restaurant Gary Danko
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San Francisco
Open: Dinner daily
Price: Expensive

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 415 749 2060
Address: 800 North Point St, Fisherman?s Wharf
San Francisco, California, 94109
Country: United States
Food Style: Modern American

It's hard to get a booking at short notice at Restaurant Gary Danko tucked in behind the Fisherman's Wharf tourist mecca. But don't be put off by the location. Although many of the restaurants on the waterfront serve up indifferent fare to uncaring visitors, the food here is very good.
When you arrive, you will probably have to wait for your table at the comfortable bar which divides the space in two. You can even eat from the restaurant menu at the bar if you are unable to secure a dinner reservation.
Our dinner started with a complimentary zucchini, basil and smoked salmon soup. It was pleasant without being remarkable and lacked the clear definition of flavours that we find in the corn and basil soup that was served at the former Banc in Sydney.
We started with two seafood appetizers. Glazed oysters with leeks, zucchini pearls and osetra caviar looked good and tasted fine as did seared Maine scallops with spring vegetables. But we weren't excited! It was just good food competently cooked. It reminded us of the type of food you find in good hotel dining rooms. Pretty, but lacking soul.
However, things changed when the main courses arrived. A dish of pan-steamed pheasant breast with confit leg and a morel and leek puree was a stunner. One of the most memorable dishes we have tried in a long time! The pheasant breast was cooked perfectly and simply melted in the mouth. And the flavour was there as well. Our other main course of Moroccan spiced squab with chermoula was also cooked well and loaded with flavour.
So, we went away thinking that the food here is very good, particularly if you order the game dishes.
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