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Open: Lunch Tue - Fri, dinner Tue-Sat
Price: Moderate
Score (/20): 15

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 8410 9332
Address: 22 Grote Street
Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
Country: Australia
Food Style: Italian

Auge is now one of Adelaide's leading restaurants and one of the best Italian venues in Australia. Sitting just across the street from the Hilton and close to King William Street it is strategically placed for both business lunches and evening trade from convention-goers and tourists, but it is savvy locals who seem to make up much of the clientele.
When you walk in your eyes are drawn to the shallow pool that divides the room. A bar dominates the left side and the main dining area with well-spaced tables is to the right.
We like the food here very much and have watched with interest over the years as it has got better and better. It is simple, it is honest and the chef knows when to use restraint with ingredients.
And the service has got smoother and more professional as well. The food service is knowledgeable and slick and the sommelier has a thirst for information that is quite infectious. He is always anxious to explore new wine tastes and to offer his guests perfect pairings with the dishes on offer. We also like the fact that he is more anxious to get the wine right rather than trying to push the most expensive brands.
On one visit we tried the mussels with a tomato and chilli broth. A large bowl of perfectly-cooked mussels is complemented by a lovely tomato broth lifted with the judicious use of chilli.
We have also had one of the best interpretations of osso bucco here that we have had anywhere. The risotto Milanese was perfect and the veal literally fell off the bone. The accompanying gremolata had been made with orange rather than lemon and it imparted a deep, satisfying citrus flavour to the dish.
On a recent visit we were delighted with a risotto of radicchio and pickled walnuts with a parmesan 'air'. The texture of the rice was perfectly 'al dente' and the flavour from the radicchio and pickled walnuts was very satisfying. A chocolate fondant with a liquorice root semifreddo was also a standout dish.
The wines we tried included the wonderful Coriole Fiano, the Lost Valley Cortese and the Murray Darling Collection Negro Amaro from Australia and the Castello di Luzzarno Carlino from Italy. All were interesting wines that teamed perfectly with the food we were served.
The coffee is also very good here.
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