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San Giors
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Open: Daily for dinner
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +39 011 5211256
Address: Via Borgo Dora, 3
Torino (Turin), Torino, 10152
Country: Italy
Food Style: Italian

Note that this restaurant is currently "closed for renovations".
San Giors is a special restaurant in Torino (Turin).
When we visited the Torino Saturday market we knew that people in this city were serious about their food. In both the vegetable and meat market there was a dazzling array of fine, fresh produce. We therefore thought that this restaurant on the edge of the market area would be a good place to experience some authentic local dishes.
At San Giors, you will not find here the sophistication of the caffes of the Via Roma or the slick service of Cambio. Rather you go here for friendly, even caring, service and good traditional dishes. This is not to say that the restaurant is not a pleasant place to be. On the contrary. It is a light, airy, pleasantly-decorated space that is very comfortable to be in.
Be warned that if you don't speak Italian you will need to do lots of pointing, but there is a version of the menu that explains the dishes in both English and Italian.
They seemed genuinely pleased when we ordered a Barolo from the village of Bresano and even decanted it so that its slightly musty nose would disappear.
For our first course we ordered the thick bean and pork rind soup called Tofeia (tofeja). This was a meal in itself! Served from a giant serving pot at the table, it was a beautiful combination of textures and flavours. The beans had been cooked perfectly.
We also had a lighter dish of perfectly cooked red peppers that had been spread with a layer of bagna cauda (also famous in the region).
Then the main courses arrived! A huge trolley was wheeled to the table! For the Bollito Misto large chunks of tongue, sausage, veal, chicken, pork and other meats were extricated from the trolley and carved into our plate. Three pots of sauces were also placed on the table. The mustard and the salsa verde were perfect accompaniments to the meats. The meats were overcooked to perfection. They literally melted in the mouth. In fact, despite the huge mound of meats in the plate, it turned out to be quite a light dish.
Our other dish was the Brasato. This was the third time we had tried it in as many days and each one had been completely different. The meat had been cooked but not for as long as it had at Restaurant Cambio. The accompanying sauce, however, was strongly-flavoured from the Barolo that it had been cooked in and made the dish the perfect partner for the Barolo we were drinking.
We accompanied the main courses with a very good salad of mixed greens.
Dessert is chosen from a trolley. The pears poached in wine were very good but other offerings did not excite us.
Overall this was a very good and very reasonably-priced meal.
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