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Fratelli Paradiso HeartHeartHeart
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Open: Breakfast and lunch daily, dinner Mon - Fri
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 2 9357 1744
Address: 12-16 Challis Avenue
Potts Point, New South Wales
Country: Australia

Fratelli Paradiso is one of our favourite restaurants in Sydney. The staff are incredibly professional and welcoming, the food is always cooked with precision and flair and the ambience makes you feel you are in Italy. There is also a very smart wine list.
An added bonus is that they serve breakfast and understand what a "wake up" coffee means. We recently thoroughly enjoyed a riso al latte which was a beautiful rice dish cooked in milk and topped with cooked cherries. We also enjoyed an omelette made from egg whites that was served very simple with a small, but perfect, salad.
If you are into natural wines ask the staff about some of the excellent wines that they import from Italy. They always have something interesting to match to the excellent dishes turned out of the kitchen.
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