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Wine store
Open: Open Tue - Sat and Sun morning

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 43 20 05 74
Address: 35, rue Daguerre
Paris, 75014
Country: France

La Cave des Papilles is a natural wine store in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. We go here to find unicorn wines that are not available anywhere else!
We can walk in here and find the wines of Alice and Olivier de Moor which are so rare in Australia and the United States. We can find Le Peur du Rouge from Axel Prufer of Les Temps de Cerises which is one of our favourite white wines. We can find the Pinot Noir of Bruno Schueller who makes the best wine from this grape in Alsace and we can find the Calvados from Julien Fremont who makes amazing ciders in the Pays d'Auge and also makes a memorable Calvados.
But the wines mentioned above are just some of the jewels in the crown of this crowded store. We have also found the Cheverny wines of Herve Villemade, the Alsace Reislings of Domaine Rietsch, the flavoursome pet nats of Emile Heredia from Domaine de Montrieux and even the precise wines from Clémentine et Gian Marco Antonuzi of Le Coste in Latium, Italy.
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