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Macrina Bakery and Cafe Heart
Restaurants and bars
Open: Daily for breakfast and lunch

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 206 448 4032
Address: 2408 1st Avenue
Seattle, Washington, 98121
Country: United States
Food Style: Bakery and café

Macrina Bakery and Café is a delightful place for coffee and pastries and one of our favourite places for breakfast in Seattle. The coffee is good and when we ask for it to be made strong, they understand what we mean unlike the proliferation of chain coffee palaces that dot this city. The bread is real - which is a particular bonus.
At brunch here we tried a wonderful porridge made with arborio rice, scented with vanilla and topped with strawberries - sensational!
Having tried coffee at many of the best places in Seattle, we have to say that the coffee here is on a par with the best we have had here (we like the coffee at Victrola's as well!).
They also have outlets in Kent, McGraw and SODO.
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