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Hanuman Restaurant
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Open: Lunch Mon - Fri, dinner 7 days
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 8 8941 3500
Address: 93 Mitchell St
Darwin, Northern Territory, 0800
Country: Australia
Food Style: Thai

Hanuman Restaurant is the first place we head for when we arrive in Darwin. In a city of confused cuisines this establishment knows exactly what it is trying to do - and it delivers.
If you have dined at the Isthmus of Kra in Melbourne then you will know what to expect.
If you want to enjoy the full experience here, it is compulsory to order the Hanuman Oysters. These are served in the trademark earthenware plates with little lids covering the oysters. They are delicious.
The roasted red duck curry cooked with coconut, sweet basil and kaffir lime is also a must. In the past we have enjoyed the baby barramundi baked in banana leaves, however on our most recent visit wild barramundi was grilled and served with a very soupy sauce of tamarind and ginger. The slight tartness of the sauce was perfect with the fish. A dish of pork belly had been stewed slowly with star anise and cinnamon. This was packed with flavour, meltingly tender and a bargain at the price. Some steamed rice and a dish of kang kong with garlic and soybeans were perfect accompaniments to the soupy mains.
The wine list has improved over the years. We have enjoyed the Evans and Tate semillon and the Moorilla Estate riesling in the past and on our most recent visit we thoroughly enjoyed a Hugel riesling.

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