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La Colombe
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Cnr Church and Lispenard Sts
New York
Country: United States

La Colombe is one of the best places in New York to get coffee. We always head to this funky space for an early morning hit of caffeine in a city where good coffee is the exception rather than the rule.
However, once you enter this minimalist space you can see that they are devoted to Italy, the home of great coffee. Red bricks define the decor, photos of Italy provide relief from the red. An olive-green back wall sports the La Colombe logo. An oversized mirror behind the work area emphasises the activities of the baristas.
Blends of coffee are your choice. Corsica, Nizza, l'Afrique and many others are offered. You order at the bar then sit at one of the low tables with backless stools to enjoy the very good coffee and read a newspaper or magazine and enjoy the convivial atmosphere.
You might also order something to snack on such as the very good financiers, a pain au chocolat, croissants or a pear tart.
And make sure you take in the music. It is very suitable!
There are many outlets of this place throughout the United States but the coffee, and the service, has remained very good.

Here is what the coffee and the financier looked like.

The coffee.

Coffee at La Colombe New York

The Financier.

Financier at La Colombe New York
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