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Pho Tau Bay Heart
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New Orleans
Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Low

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 504 368 9846
Address: 113C WestBank Expressway, Gretna
New Orleans, Louisiana
Country: United States
Food Style: Vietnamese

When you tire of jambalaya and deep-fried everything, then head for this unpretentious and hard-to-find café over the river. Although the Pho Tau Bay menu is extensive, we crave just one dish - a bowl of steaming, hot pho. Try the beef pho with the thin rice noodles, but make sure that you ask for some of their home-made Vietnamese sausage - it is one of the best we have tried anywhere. Our favourite combination is rare beef, sausage and tripe - delicious!
Note that after you get off the freeway (at Exit 8) you need to find the little shopping centre just near Stumpf Boulevard. Parking is easy.
On subsequent visits to New Orleans we have also become addicted to their soup with pork and shrimp wontons. Very delicious.
And they are not so hard to find now as they have opened new outlets across the river closer to the city next to Angela Brocato's.
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