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Kyubey (Kyubei) HeartHeartHeart
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Open: Closed Sunday

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +81 3 3571 6523
Address: Ginza 8-7-6
Country: Japan

Kyubey (Kyubei) restaurant in the Ginja is one of our favourite restaurants in Tokyo. The food is just SO good, the service is attentive and the chefs are charming (and funny). They also take special care of non Japanese-speaking guests.
This was one of those meals where you get to set new benchmarks for what something you're reasonably familiar with should taste like. We've chosen in this review to talk about the 'mackerel sandwich', which was enlivened with a fine paste of fresh garlic, fresh shisho leaves and spring onion, because it was beautifully executed and was such a surprise, but every morsel, served one piece at a time, with lots of respect and plenty of humour was excellent. Stories of a six year apprenticeship to learn how to cut fish for sashimi and sushi make much more sense after this demonstration of craftsmanship.
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