D.O.C. Wine Shop in Williamsurg, Brooklyn, New York: Review

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D.O.C. Wine Shop Heart
Wine store
New York
Open: Daily from 12 noon

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 718 388 0087
Address: 147 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York, 11211
Country: United States

The D.O.C. Wine Shop is a very stylish place on Broadway in Brooklyn. But there is a lot more than style here. Lining the walls are wines that will get you excited. Wines from interesting appellations and areas. Wines made from obscure grape varieties (think Romorantin or Tintilia). And most of the wines are in the affordable range. If you are not into restraint, however, you can splash out on a Barolo or the Dagueneau Silex.
If your means are more modest then there are plenty of reasonably priced offerings as well. You might like to try the biodynamic, low-sulphur Cascina Degli Ulivi Gavi from the Novi Ligure region of Piedmonte made by Stefano and Zita Bellotti from the Cortese grape. Also from Italy you can find wines from the lesser known Molise region on the East Coast. Try the opulent Catabbo Riserva Molise which is made from the little known Tintilia grape.
Or you could try two of the most interesting grape varieties from Sicily in a single wine (Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio) with the Tenuta Scilio "Phiale" Etna Rosso.
While there are a lot of Italian wines here the selection ranges over the United States, France, Austria and Greece. For example there is a Sancerre from Vincent Grall, a Jean-Francois Merieau organic, natural Gamay, a natural Tessier Cour Cheverny Romorantin and a natural Chinon from Olga Raffault.
A little feature we particularly like is that every wine is accompanied by a small explanatory card that captures the main information about the wine and why it is interesting.
And don't just admire the wines. Have a look at some of the interesting furniture that the wine is displayed on.
They even run wine classes here. This place is well worth a trip over the Williamsburg Bridge.

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