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Momofuku Noodle Bar Heart
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New York
Open: Daily from 12 noon
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 212 777 7773
Address: 171 First Avenue
New York, New York, 10003
Country: United States

Momofuku Noodle Bar is a great restaurant for informal eating at any time of the afternoon or evening. But don't let the laid back atmosphere fool you - the food is very serious and the flavours of the noodle dishes are very, very good!
When you arrive here you might have to wait due to the no bookings policy. However, tables turn over quickly so the wait should not be too long if you avoid peak times.
We started with two different styles and presentations of oysters from the East Coast. Beau Soleil oysters from Canada with a topping of spicy fennel paste were small, tender and very sweet. Also Glidden Point oysters from Maine were larger and reminded us of Tasmanian Pacific Oysters that are of Japanese origin. These were served with a spicy tomato gelée and a pickled celery paste.
We accompanied our meal with some deeply-flavoured Dewazakura Nama Genshu unpasteurised sake. This is a sake worth seeking out.
We then has two of their famous noodle dishes. The first was a Korean-inspired Bi Bim Gook su which saw chilled thin soba noodles teamed with kimchi, sesame and a fried egg. This dish had a nice, deep flavour.
The second dish was Momofuko Ramen with pulled pork and pork belly slices, a perfectly poached egg and the most soulful, satisfying broth we have tried in ages!
The music is loud to satisfy the iPod generation, the service is slick and friendly and the overall experience is very satisfying.
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