Dim Sum Go Go: Review of Chinese Restaurant in New York

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Dim Sum Go Go
Restaurants and bars
New York
Open: Daily from 10am
Price: Low

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 212 732 0797
Address: 5 East Broadway
New York, New York, 10038
Country: United States

Dim Sum Go Go is a smart yet casual Chinese restaurant in Chatham Square serving beautiful food and very reasonable prices. We love the dumplings and the jellyfish especially.
The jelly fish dish that we like so much is the crunchy jellyfish served with slices of fatty pork which are wrapped around lovely, fresh batons of pickled vegetables. A similarly textured dish that we alternate with the jellyfish is the smoked shredded duck with preserved ginger and almost translucent, crunchy fungus.
The service is slick and good-humoured.

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