Terroir Natural Wine Merchant in SOMA San Francisco

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Terroir Natural Wine Merchant Heart
Wine store
San Francisco
Open: Daily from 6pm

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 415 558 9946
Address: 1116 Folsom St
San Francisco, California
Country: United States

Terroir Natural Wine Merchant is a wine merchant and a place where you can go to sample the daily specials by the glass and to savour some salumi or perhaps a plate of cheese to accompany your wine.
We were most impressed on our visit by the range of interesting wines that we found here. They have some of the best natural wines you are likely to find anywhere including those of the venerable Claude Courtois from the Solenge in the Loire Valley. They also have a number of Arbois wines (think the complex beauty called Cul du Brey from Tournelle), Pet'Sec from the masters of this genre Les Capriades, Stephane Guion from Bourgueil among many, many others.

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