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Chote Chitr
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Open: 11am - 10pm daily
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +66 2 221 4082
Address: 146 Phraeng Phuthorn (off Tanao Rd)
Bangkok, 10200
Country: Thailand

Chote Chitr is a charming, yet tiny restaurant, that has maintained the standard of its food despite the fact that locals have turned the restaurant over to the Americans and Europeans who now beat a path to its door following some favourable press reviews.
It is relatively easy to find being in a small street just off Tanou Road. The restaurant has a large sign clearly identifying it. You can also recognise it by the trademark blackboard that always lists the dishes available and their prices - but in Thai script only. Inside, however, there is an English menu with fairly bland descriptions of the dishes. It is best to negotiate the dishes you want to try with the owner as she speaks very good English, although she tries to steer you towards dishes she thinks westerners will like such as shrimps, shrimps and shrimps!
You will be seated at one of five wooden tables or one metal table on the footpath. The owner often occupies one of the tables doing her paperwork or tending to the needs of her pet dogs and rabbits.
The food is traditional Thai and it hasn't been changed to meet the lesser demands of tourists. We knew this the moment we tried a salad of grilled eggplants. The smokiness that came through the underlying herbs and spices reminded us of some of the great eggplant dishes of Lebanon and the wider Middle East where the vegetable is committed to a long time over coals to develop that desirable smokiness. Here it was freshened with herbs and spices and a 'wet' dressing livened with lime juice and fish sauce that was sweet, sour and salty in just the right balance.
The same applies to a banana flower salad which is presented as a mound of tasty slices of banana flower studded with roasted chillis. A dish described as Spicy Shrimps Paste served with Deep-Fried Mackerel is actually a very deeply-flavoured nam phrik.
The mee grob was a template for others to follow with slightly sticky but very crunchy noodles that has been bathed with a perfectly balanced sauce.
So it is worth heading over here and grabbing one of the five tables to experience some of the most satisfying food in Bangkok.
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