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Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6295 1404
Address: 258A Sunday Hill Rd
Wattle Grove, Tasmania, 7109
Country: Australia

Tongola Goat Products is the brainchild of Hans Stutz and Esther Haeusermann. The word Tongola is roughly translated as 'hut in the mountains'. They have become well-known in Tasmania for their fresh and washed-rind goat cheeses.
They make stunning fresh cheeses called Curdly and Capris, a white-mould cheese called Bloom and a washed-rind cheese called Billy. These are some of the best goat cheeses that you will find in Tasmania.
Their products tend to be restricted to specialty outlets such as the Bruny Island Cheese shop, the tiny providore in the Salamanca Arts centre Space. However you can find Hans at his stand at the Cygnet Market where he sells his cheese.
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