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Tasmanian Abalone
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Address: Tasmania
Country: Australia

Abalone thrive in the cold, clear waters that surround the island of Tasmania. In fact, Tasmania is one of the largest producers of this delicacy in the world with most of the catch being flown straight to Hong Kong and Japan.
Abalone is best eaten simply - and must be cooked for just a few seconds or else braised for many hours as they do at the Me Wah in Sandy Bay. It's a special treat, somehow all the sweeter when eaten fresh from the sea.
There are now a number of abalone marine farms producing small blacklip and greenlip abalone which are perfect for the restaurant trade. Scott Minervini at Lebrina in Hobart often has them on his menu.
Another restaurant that is featuring abalone is Franklin in Hobart. Here a whole abalone is cooked in the massive Scotch oven and then sliced finely before being reassembled in the shell. It is an amazing dish.

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