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41 Degrees South Salmon and Ginseng Farm
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson And Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6362 4130
Address: 323 Montana Road
Westbury, Tasmania, 7303
Country: Australia

41 degrees South Salmon and Ginseng Farm is tourist and food production venture in Tasmania's north-west. Tucked in behind Deloraine on a quiet back road, Angelika and Ziggy Pyka practice sustainable aquaculture to raise salmon using the clear, clean water flowing down from the majestic Western Tiers.
There are about 20 huge concrete tanks which are gravity fed from the pristine Western Creek. Once the water is used to sustain the 20,000 fingerlings it is cleaned of fish waste and arrives in two huge dams and an area of wetland from which the water is pumped back to the top tank to begin its journey again. No chemicals or hormones are used in the fish production process.
Visitors can wander around these wetlands and catch glimpses of platypus cavorting in the waters. They can also see the plantings of ginseng and wasabi which are being trialled.
But the mainstays are the hot-smoked salmon and the value-added products such as the wonderful salmon rillettes.
The salmon are plucked from the tanks, cured in a traditional brine of salt, sugar and spices before being hot-smoked.
We particularly like their salmon rillettes which sees the hot smoked salmon shredded and then mixed with butter, Westhaven Dairy yoghurt, lemon and Tasmanian native pepper. This is a delight when spread on some crusty baguette or some sourdough toast.
This venture is well worth a visit - especially if you like to see the platypus in its natural habitat.

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