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House of Sundanese Food
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Open: Lunch Mon-Fri, dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +65 534 3775
Address: 55 Boat Quay
Country: Singapore
Food Style: Asian

We like the House of Sundanese Food as a change to the Chinese and Indian offerings that we are always tempted by when we are in this fabulous food city. The only thing we don't like about it is that you have to battle the crowds in the unpleasant Boat Quay area to experience this food. This area is becoming dominated by tourists who flock here for cheap food and beer and unbelievably raucous music (often of the karaoke type).
So if we go to Boat Quay we look straight ahead and march with determination directly to House of Sundanese Food ignoring the entreaties of the spruikers for the dozens of bars along the way.
Perhaps the dish you must try here is the ikan snapper bakar. A whole snapper will be grilled and basted with a deep, brown sauce leaving it flavourful and succulent. Make sure that you try the meat from the head of the fish as well, it is the sweetest of the lot.
We also like the cumi-cumi bakar (cooked in the same way) where you will be given a small squid for around $S2!
The kang kong served with chillis and tau cheo is a good vegetable accompaniment as is the udang acar.
This is a restaurant to go to when you are looking for robust food with robust flavours served in a very robust atmosphere. The Tiger beer is a good accompaniment for this food.
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