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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 333 9388
Address: 39 Seah Street & 25 Smith St
Singapore, 188395
Country: Singapore
Food Style: Chinese

The Samsui women were poverty stricken inner-city dwellers who subsisted on a meagre diet. Once a year, however, during the Chinese New Year they would prepare a feast based on chicken served with ginger sauce. This is now one of the most popular dishes served at the Soup Kitchen in both Smith Street in Chinatown and at the newer Seah Street outlet (in the small street that is nestled in behind Raffles Hotel).
The Samsui chicken is served on a large white plate centred by a bowl of roughly minced ginger sauce. Surrounding the bowl are pieces of boneless (although it has been cooked on the bone), perfectly cooked white chicken in the Hainan style. Surrounding this again is a ring of sliced cucumber. On a small plate to the side there a pile of lettuce leaves. You pick up a lettuce leaf, place some chicken and cucumber in it top it with some ginger sauce and then delight in the harmonious flavours that await. This is not just a good dish - this is a great dish!
As you savour the chicken, you can take in the converted shop with it high ceilings, wooden beams, interesting lights on special pulleys, pale walls and large wooden carving.
You will be comfortably seated on interesting 'barrel-shaped' stools at sensibly-large, glass-topped wooden tables.
But it is not just the chicken that is good. We have enjoyed the boneless San Yu fish slices cooked with ginger and spring onion. A double-boiled American ginseng soup with abalone was served in a souffle-style, high-sided white bowl. The restorative broth is ideal after a long flight. Kang kong cooked in a chilli sambal is a nice dish to accompany steamed rice.
If you are somewhat adventurous, we would also recommend the steamed minced pork with salted fish. This doesn't look very appetising but we are addicted to the pungent, salty flavour of the fish enhancing the base of steamed pork.
You can eat very cheaply here if you want to. A dish of steamed rice topped with chicken pieces will only cost you $S4. The Samsui chicken will cost around $13 for enough for two people.
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