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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 65 339 3822
Address: #01-24 Chijmes Centre, 30 Victoria Street (cnr Bras Basah)
Singapore, 187996
Country: Singapore
Food Style: Chinese

Lei Garden Restaurant has the best Cantonese food we've eaten in Singapore in spacious, comfortable surroundings. Definitely a local, power business scene for lunch, it is located in the historic Chijmes Building, diagonally across the road from Raffles.
The restaurant is spacious and light, with floor to ceiling windows looking out on the internal, grassed courtyard. There's also plenty of room between tables, ensuring that other people's real and mobile phone conversations won't interrupt your meal.
At one end, the restaurant is dominated by a huge, perfectly maintained, two-storey aquarium.
The menu (or really menus because there are several options, including a dim sum list, and a daily specials list) is large and also interesting.
Double-boiled soups are a house specialty. Those on the main menu are large servings and probably require a table of at least four. We saw the double-boiled fish with Tian Ma Chinese Herbs being delivered to another table in a large, plain, and very beautiful white bowl. It's sad not to be able to try it if, like us, you are only two people. Nevertheless a daily special should be available in smaller quantities.
We had double-boiled duck soup with fish maw and cordycep. It comes to the table in a large dish. The clear soup is then ladled into small bowls and the meat, Chinese herbs and other unknown and fascinating things, including guy zhi, a round, pink dried fruit packed with flavour and goodness.
Next, we ate (from the dim sum menu) white turnip rolls. A crisp pastry, it was filled with shredded turnips, making the texture contrast a highlight of the dish. Also from the dim sum menu, were steamed Teo-Chow dumplings. The filling was tiny cubes of vegetables surrounded by a smooth, almost translucent wrapping.
Next were Chinese wine chicken in a claypot, fried asparagus with dried yellow fungus and steamed rice. These robust dishes, a good combination of meat and vegetables, were both very good.
Finally (and only because of greed) we finished with boiled congee served with duck meat and century eggs. This comforting dish, which brought us back to the duck-based beginning of the meal, was just the finish we needed, especially after the strong flavours of the previous two dishes.
Lei Garden has a good wine list, although like all Singapore restaurants, it is not cheap. French wines dominate.
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