Onn Fat Hong Tea Merchants in Chinatwon, Singapore

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Onn Fat Hong Tea Merchants
Food store

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +65 62203061
Address: Block 4 Sago Lane #02-101
Singapore, 050004
Country: Singapore

The Onn Fat Hong Tea Merchants store in the depths of Chinatown is a delightful place to source high quality teas. The store is quite unstructured with tea and tea accoutrements piled high in every nook and cranny.
We recently bought some very fresh and lively green Long Jin tea that is grown in the mountains behind Hangzhou in China. It was delightful.
This tea is allowed to ferment for only a short time and is then heated in a wok to stop the process. The tea leaves are pushed around the wok for up to forty minutes to ensure that the leaves are properly dried. The leaves are not curled or rolled but rather left flat.
This green tea should be made with water that is not boiling to retain the freshness of the flavour and to ensure that none of the precious enzymes are damaged. It has a lovely subtle yet addictive flavour. It is our tea of preference during the day.

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