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Open: Breakfast till sold out Fri - Wed
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: #02-40 Chinatown Complex, Block 335, Smith St
Country: Singapore

Niu Che Shiu Famous Glutinous Rice stall in the Chinatown Complex is THE place to go for Lor Mai Fun which is a dish of plain glutinous rice cooked with peanuts and topped with crispy, fried shallots and a little splash of soy sauce.
But this feeble description just can't even start to explain the experience of eating at this famous stall. For a start you will have to queue. There is always a queue. Second, if you arrive after about ten o'clock you have the gut-wrenching worry of whether you are going to get to the front of the queue before the rice runs out - because once the quantity they have cooked is finished they pack up!
However there are some compensations. The first is that the queue arrangements are very fair. While we were waiting a lady exhibiting more money than good sense walked to the front of the queue and offered extra money in return for favoured treatment. The stall owners didn't even hesitate, they simply explained the concept of the back of the queue to the lady and returned to the exacting task of serving their customers.
The other highlight of waiting in the queue is watching the performance as the three men perform their allocated duties in a ritual that should be a model for time and motion studies. We could watch them for hours! One man dishes out the rice moving at a speed that almost defies the eye! He places spoonfuls of the rice on the plate, dabs some crushed shallots on top and then splashes some soy over before passing to the next man who is mainly responsible for packaging the takeaways that are wrapped in paper and secured with a red rubber band. The man in front of us in the queue ordered thirty! The third man is responsible for customer relations and takes the orders and does the financial transactions.
When you finally get your plate don't expect anything fancy looking. It is simply a plate of perfect glutinous savoury rice studded with lovely soft peanuts and topped with crushed fried shallots that add some crunch to the dish.
And remember, it is now situated at stall 40 on the second floor.
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