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Domaine Grand Lauze
Natural wine
Country: France

Domaine Grand Lauze is run by Xavier Ledogar near Corbieres in southern France where he produces high quality wines without the use of chemicals and additives except for sulphur.
Confusingly the name of the domaine is Domaine Grand Lauze but on the bottles he displays Domaine Ledogar perhaps because people associate his wines closely with his name (the same happens for Herve Villemade from Domain du Moulin where the Paris wine bars simply write Villemade on their chalk boards!).
One of the more interesting wines produced by this domaine is La Mariole which has a light touch of sulphur. It is made from ancient Carignan vines that were planted in 1901.
He produces a no-sulphur wine called "Tout Nature".
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