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Bourgogne Aligote wine appellation
Wine appellation
Country: France

Bourgogne Aligote is a wine appellation in the Burgundy region of France. It is a generic appellation covering all regions of Burgundy for wines made from the Aligote grape. It has been a formal appellation since the 31st July 1937.
It is unusual in France (except for Alsace) for an appellation to refer to a grape variety. In this case the name of the grape variety is added to the general Bourgogne appellation provided the wine meets the requirements of the appellation which vary throughout Burgundy particularly with respect to the density of the plantings. However, a minimum condition which must be met is that the wine is made from 100% Aligote.
There is also another appellation within Burgundy where pure Aligote is permitted. It is called Bouzeron.
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