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Hong Kong
Open: Dinner daily
Price: Expensive

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 852 2920 2888
Address: Peninsula Hotel, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Country: Hong Kong
Food Style: Chinese

The Spring Moon restaurant in the famous Peninsula Hotel exudes sophistication, elegance and confidence. This is a restaurant that knows that it is at the forefront of hotel dining and is anxious to remain there.
We dined there anonymously as usual but were treated as if we were valued customers who they really wanted to please.
We started our meal with a cold dish of shredded roast duck with jellyfish. We love this dish because the richness of the duck is offset beautifully by the texture and essentially bland flavour of the jellyfish. The treatment of jellyfish is a great way of separating the good from the great restaurants. It should have a good, 'crunchy' texture and the flavour should be lifted with a coating a something like sesame oil. Here it was perfect.
A whole, steamed spotted garoupa was served with ginger and spring onion. Fresh out of the tank this is about as good as fish can get. It was deboned at the table and we lingered over the succulent flavour.
We wanted to try the sautéed sliced squid with lily bulbs and black fungus (more for the lily bulbs than the squid we must admit). We are very keen on lily bulbs - they have a great flavour and marvellous texture when cooked well - these were!
We finished with a hot pot in which a flavoursome chicken had been stewed in 'Far Dew' rice wine. The chicken had a depth of flavour that is hard to find in the west. We accompanied this with some steamed rice and snow pea shoots.
Overall, this was a great meal cooked with precision and skill by great chefs.
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