Middle Eastern Restaurant in Brunswick East, Australia: Rumi

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Open: Dinner Tue - Sat, Lunch Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 9388 8255
Address: 116 Lygon St
Brunswick East, Victoria
Country: Australia
Food Style: Middle Eastern

Rumi is a place for good food rather than plush appointments - we love the atmosphere here and the food is cooked with attention to detail meaning that the Middle Eastern flavours we so love leap off the plate.
The dishes we ate were:
Sigara Boregi which was a pastry shaped like a cigar and filled with haloumi, feta and kasseri cheeses. The texture was lovely and the flavour developed from the three cheeses was a perfect contrast.
Persian meat balls in a tomato and saffron sauce with labne. Four light meatballs were served in a round, shallow bowl in the tomato and saffron sauce with a dollop of shimmering white labne in the centre.
Roasted carrot salad with tahini, dukkah and parsley saw long chunks of carrot that had been cooked to a pleasing softness drizzled with tahini and then dusted with dukkah. This dish was absolutely packed with flavour.
Fried cauliflower with onions, currants and pinenuts cooked in the traditional way so that it was fried till almost blackened hence developing that sweet nutty flavour that cauliflower takes on when it is roasted or fried for a long time.
Grilled asparagus and fresh broad beans tossed bastourma and dill served in a white, canoe-shaped bowl.
Calamari crumbed in burghul with parsley toum.
Eggplant M'nazleh - eggplant and green peppers braised with tomato.
Joojeh Kebab - two metal skewers of saffron marinated barbequed quail with wedges of Seville orange.
Lamb koresht - a Persian casserole with herbs and dried limes topped with caramelised onion.
Rice Pilaf with noodles, tart barberries and onion.
We finished our very satisfying meal with some lovely pistachio halva.
Some interesting wines on the list included a David Traegere Verdelho from Nagambie and the Garry Crittenden Arneis, the Chrismont La Zona Barbera and the Symphonia "Las Triadas" Tempranillo all from the King Valley in Victoria.
Bouregi: Also known as boregi these are a deep-fried pastry made from phyllo shaped like a cigar and filled feta and maybe other cheeses - the origins of this dish is thought to be in Turkey.
Haloumi: A Cypriot stretched-curd cheese usually made from sheeps milk.
Kasseri: A Greek sheep or goat milk cheese that is like a mild cheddar.
Labne: Is a fresh soft cheese often made from fresh yoghurt.
Tahini: Sesame paste made from crushing sesame seeds.
Dukkah: An Egyptian spice and nut mixture that is often used as a snack for dipping bread into.
Toum: A garlic, olive oil and lemon sauce popular in Lebanon.
Burghul: Also spelled bulgur and burghul this is partly boiled wheat that has been cracked and the the bran removed.
Koresht: An Iranian stew.
Bastourma: An air-dried beef product that originated in Turkey but is now widely used in various forms throughout the Middle East.
Halva: A sweetmeat popular in the Middle East.

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