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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 2 9211 1808
Address: 20 Campbell St
Haymarket, New South Wales
Country: Australia
Food Style: Thai

Chat Thai is a very good Thai restaurant in a city which has more than its fair share of very good Thai establishments. It has become a favourite because of their wonderful congee and the amazing Tohm Liead Moo and a panoply of other fresh-tasting, flavour-packed dishes.
The congee is made with chicken consommé and is dressed with ginger and shallots. It is long-cooked and unctuous - just the thing to start the day on a cold winter's morning. The Tohm Liead Moo is a steaming bowl of pork offal swimming in chicken soup alongside a number of squares of blood pudding. This is a sensation of a dish, one that we return to time and time again. Also, do not pass up the Som Dtum which is made at the counter in the front of the restaurant where those lining up for a table can watch as the ingredients green papaya, chillies, dried shrimps and tomatoes are pounded into submission.
And don't pass up the fat chunks of Sai Grok e-saan (Isaan pork and rice sausages). The sausages are fermented to preserve them and to prevent bacteria being able to take hold in the sultry conditions of northern Thailand. The fermentation process sees acids being produced which kill any bacteria that might be in the meat and rice mix. It also has another benefit - the acidic underlay is delicious! Eat them with pieces of cabbage and some sliced ginger.
Another stand out dish here is the Suep Nohr Mai which is a warm salad of young bamboo shoots tossed with lime juice, pounded roasted rice, chillies and onions. The melting tenderness of the young bamboo which is cooked and served warm is a great accompaniment to other dishes on the menu here.
And by the way, they also make those wonderful sweet and savoury Khanom Crok, the little dumplings that you find being cooked on every street corner in Bangkok.
We went recently for a late night supper followed shortly afterwards with a lunch before catching a flight overseas and found the food to be fresh, lively, well-seasoned and more than anything, absolutely delicious. Whether it was the fermented Isaan sausages or the som dtum or the grilled pork neck, every dish was cooked and seasoned perfectly.
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