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Domaine Alice et Olivier de Moor
Natural wine

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: France

Domaine Alice et Olivier de Moor is responsible for one of the best examples of Aligote-based wine currently being produced in France. Perhaps it is the age of the vines or perhaps it is the winemaking skills of the owners of this domaine or perhaps it is a combination of many factors including the terroir.
Their base is in the village of Courgis and they cover four appellations including Bourgogne Aligote and the less well-known Sauvignon de St-Bris which is a Sauvignon Blanc appellation within the traditional Burgundy boundaries.
Aligote wines, when made well, are wonderful food wines and this one is a fine wine indeed.
And there is more. Their vines are tended biodynamically and their wines are made naturally without any enzymes or commercial yeasts. And the results are totally delicious.
All of their wines are stunning but we love the 100% Chardonnay from the Chitry appellation, the Aligoté and the marvellous Sauvignon Blanc from the Saint Bris appellation where the only Sauvignon Blancs in Burgundy are found.
You can read more about the Chablis region where the de Moor's domaine is situated in the book below.
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