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Merlot grape variety
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: France

Merlot is one of the great wine grapes of the world and is used to make many of the world's greatest wines such as the Tua Rita Redigaffi, the Tenuta dell'Ornellaia Masseto and, of course, the ever famous Petrus from Chateau Petrus in Pomerol.
While the grape is best known for the wines of Bordeaux it has certainly found a comfortable home in Tuscany as well as Washington and South Australia.
It is a similar grape to Cabernet Sauvignon and is often blended with it to soften the wine. It ripens earlier than Cabernet.
Merlot can make huge, long-lasting wines in its own right, however. Petrus is a perfect example of a wine that can last for decades.
Merlot gets bad press from cheaper, mass-produced wines that are soft and sweet and very unattractive.
While the three examples we provide above are unaffordable for most of us there are some excellent examples of wines made from this grape that you wont have to mortgage your house to buy.
We are great fans of the Leonetti Merlot and the Andrew Will Merlot, both from Washington, the Clarendon Hills Merlot from McLaren Vale and the Craneford Merlot from the Barossa Valley, both in South Australia. Another good value example is the Selene Merlot from the Napa area of California.
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