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Food store
San Sebastian (Donostia)

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 943 140 624
Address: Kale Nagusia, 22
Getaria, 20808
Country: Spain

Salanort is a very smart food store in the centre of Getaria, a lovely fishing centre just a short drive south of San Sebastian.
Items to look for here are the amazing octopus pieces, bottled products such as local anchovies and tuna, chocolate, wine and much more.
Getaria is the centre for the Txakoli appellation. This slightly sparkling white wine with a moderate alcohol content is a perfect match for the local climate and seafood. There are some great producers nearby, and at Salanort you can source both Arregi and Txomin Etxaniz both of whom make lovely versions of this wine.
We have also noticed Patxaran here. This is a Basque liqueur made from sloe berries that is drunk at the end of a meal.
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