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Restaurante Txulotxo
Restaurants and bars
San Sebastian (Donostia)
Open: Lunch daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 943 51 96 01
Address: Pasajes de San Juan
San Sebastian
Country: Spain

Restaurante Txulotxo is only fifteen minutes by taxi from the heart of San Sebastian, but you need a few extra minutes to navigate the narrow pedestrian streets of this village remnant that overlooks a bustling industrial port.
Restaurante Txulotxo is situated right on the water's edge and you will be greeted warmly by the charming ladies who run the front of house here, especially if you return the greeting with a few words of Spanish.
The simple dishes are the best here so try grilled fish dishes, the excellent fish soup and maybe start with a plate of jamon. One dish that we think is worth a journey is the dark, brooding, flavoursome squid cooked in its own ink.
Desserts such as the caramel flan and the cake of the day are cooked with a delicate hand.
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