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Roussette de Savoie wine appellation
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Country: France

Roussette de Savoie is a wine appellation in the Savoie region of France with boundaries similar to those of the Vin de Savoie appellation. Wines in this region that are produced entirely from Roussette (also known locally as Altesse) and which meet the other requirements of the appellation (such as sugar content) can display Roussette de Savoie on the label. Wines prior to those made in 2000 could have some Chardonnay included but this practice no longer conforms to the rules of the AOC.
There are four small crus that can add the name of the cru to the label. These are Frangy (covering the communes of Chaumont, Desingy and Frangy), Marestel (Jongieux and Lucey), Monterminod (Saint-Alban-Leysse) and Monthoux (Saint-Jean-de-Chevelu). Some of the best wines are produced in the Maristel cru.
These are dry, long-lasting wines often with a lot of acidity and with a characteristic smell of violets and hazelnuts.
For a great example of this wine look for the Domaine Prieure Saint Christophe Roussette de Savoie. Other good wines are the Pierre Boniface Roussette de Savoie and the Andre et Michel Quenard Roussette de Savoie .
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