Quarts de Chaume wine appellation in the Loire region of France

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Quarts de Chaume wine appellation
Wine appellation

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: France

Quarts de Chaume is a wine appellation in the Loire region of France. It is a tiny appellation covering only 54 hectares but some lovely wines are made here from the Chenin Blanc grape. The appellation lies on the banks of the Layon river just south of Angers in the commune of Rochefort-sur-Loire.
The wines produced here are the sweet wines that the French call vin doux liquoreux. These are intense, concentrated wines of great power and elegance where the grapes are left to ripen on the vine until the yield is down to under 17 hl/ha.
The only permitted grape variety is Chenin Blanc which is capable of producing extremely long-lasting wines that just get better and better with age.

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