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Jasnieres wine appellation
Wine appellation

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: France

Jasnieres is a small wine appellation in the Loire Valley region of France covering just 65 hectares. Aromatic white wines are produced from the Chenin Blanc grape.
The appellation covers the communes of Lhomme and Ruillé-sur-Loir in the south-east section of the Sarthe département. The vineyards lie of the right bank of the Loir river (this is a tributary of the better known Loire).
There are some very good white wines produced in this appellation by the two dozen producers who tend the vines here. The wines tend towards a golden yellow colour which deepens with age. In some years some very interesting sweet wines are produced here which have the capacity to last for decades.
Eric and Christine Nicolas of Domaine de Bellivière produce some beautifullly-crafted wines from their old and new vines in the Jasnieres appellation.
If you want to try a wine that expresses the best of what can be achieved in this appellation try their Calligramme which is a piercing white wine made from Chenin Blanc that is picked from vines that are over 50 years old. The wine is pale yellow in colour with flecks of green. The nose has lemon, lime and green apples to the fore. The green apples extend to the flavour which is quite harmonious and also quite long and lingering. The finish also gives hints of the tuffeau (limestone) in which the vines are grown.

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