Bugey Aovdqs wine appellation in the Jura region of France

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Bugey wine appellation
Wine appellation

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: France

Bugey is an AOC wine appellation covering 65 communes in the Ain département of the Jura region of France which lies about half way between Lyon and Geneva. It is therefore natural to expect that the vineyards display influences of Burgundy and the Savoie. Bugey was granted AOC status by the governing body, the INAO, in May 2009.
So for white wines, we find Aligote from Burgundy growing alongside Roussette, Jacquere and Altesse. Reds may be made from Pinot Noir or Gamay reflecting the Burgundy and Beaujolais influence or Mondeuse or Poulsard from the Savoie.
There are many sub-appellations either existing or proposed here including Roussette de Bugey, Roussette du Bugey Montagnieu, Bugey Montagnieu mousseux blanc, Bugey Montagnieu pétillant blanc, Bugey Cerdon pétillant rosé and many more.
Look for wines by young winemakers Franck Peillot and Benoît Dumont. We recently tried a thrilling Roussette du Bugey Montagnieu made from 100% Altesse by Peillot at the wonderful Hearth restaurant in New York.

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