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Niman Ranch
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San Francisco

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +1 415 552 0181
Address: San Francisco, California
Country: United States

Niman Ranch in California are an excellent producer of meats that are free from artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. Better still, the meat has great flavour!
At a meal in Berkeley, at the venerable Chez Panisse, we were served a piece of steak. The notable thing about this otherwise unremarkable event was the unmistakable flavour of meat! Now this may seem surprising, but rarely do we experience this flavour any more. Cows are now 'managed' to ensure that they grow quickly to provide maximum returns or to reduce the fat (and hence the flavour) content.
This is certainly not the case at Niman Ranch - the suppliers of the beef we were served. They have a strict policy of raising their cattle without growth hormones or antibiotics. They also carefully manage the stress that the cows are put under during rearing and slaughter.
Having experienced the end product we were delighted to find them at the San Francisco Farmers Market the very next morning after our meal. They are passionate about what they are doing and deserve every support.
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