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The Spirit House
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Open: Lunch daily, dinner Wed - Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 7 5446 8994
Address: 20 Ninderry Road
Yandina, Queensland
Country: Australia
Food Style: Asian

The Spirit House is definitely unexpected. As you drive through the unremarkable streets of Yandina you are ill-prepared for what awaits. Drive into the car park and you get a slight hint. Leafy trees surround you and walk-ways provide the promise of interesting things to come.
The minute you walk through the front gate, however, you are in another world! A delightful tropical garden surrounds a lake providing you with a world of tranquillity and wonder.
The restaurant tables are arranged around two sides of the lake and you sit either on a platform over the water or in segregated spaces at the edge of the lake.
The service is prompt and caring.
We started with Thai fish cakes with a relish of cucumber, pickled ginger and peanuts. The fish cakes had been cooked correctly. No hint of elasticity that so often mars this wonderful Thai dish. Similarly with prawn and sweet potato fritters with a traditional Vietnamese salad - they had been cooked to crispness and were a delight.
Chiang Mai larb was served warm with the meat being chicken accompanied by lots of mint, chilli and lime juice. The degree of chilli in the dish was perfect. Too often this dish is toned down for western tastes.
The highlight of the meal was a steamed prawn and scallop cake with a green curry sauce and accompanied by asparagus and Thai basil. This is a dish with the consistency of a steamed pudding that we like a lot. It was cooked perfectly.
A whole crispy fish with a tamarind based sauce had been deep fried perfectly and provided us with a lot of pleasure in deconstructing everything except the backbone.
All in all a delightful meal in delightful surroundings.
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