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Alsace wine appellation
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: France

Alsace is a broad wine appellation in the Alsace region of France for the production of a wide range of wines from different grape varieties and different wine styles such as Vendages Tardives.
Alsace is one of the few regions of France where it is permitted to put the grape variety on the label of an AOC wine (Vin de Savoie and Arbois are others).
So the lavel can show that the appellation is Alsace or Alsace Grand Cru and this can be followed by a 'denomination' or region where the wine is produced such as Rosacker (in the case of Grand Cru appellations) and then the name of the grape and the wine style.
Thus, it is possible to find an Alsace wine with Alsace Gutedel which is the local name for the Chasselas grape or Alsace Riesling or Alsace Gewurztraminer, for example. If the wine was made in the Vendanges Tardives style then it could say Alsace Vendanges Tardives Muscat, for example.
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