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Cote Roannaise wine appellation
Wine appellation
Country: France

Cote Roannaise is a wine appellation that lies in central France close to the city of Roanne. It lies to the west of the Beaujolais appellation and is actually more closely aligned with the Loire even though the method of making the red wines here closely follows the techniques adopted in Beaujolais and even the grape variety is the same - namely Gamay.
It occupies a geographically narrow strip of land (215 hectares) lying between 200 metres and 350 metres above sea level and running from the village of La Pacaudiere down to Bully which lies South West of the city of Roanne. There are 14 villages in all in the appellation, the two already mentioned as well as Ambierle, Changy, Le Crozet, St-Alban-les-Eaux, Saint-Haon-le-Chatel, Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire, Saint-Andre-d'Apchon, Saint-Haon-le-Vieux, Renaison, Villemontais, Villerest and Lentigny.
The principal grape here is Gamay and the vines grow entirely in granitic soils which accounts for the complexity that the wines exhibit once they gain some bottle age. Carbonic maceration is widely used in this appellation extending the similarities with Beaujolais.
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