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Domaine Breton
Natural wine

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: France

Domaine Breton is a fixture on the wine lists of some of the hottest Parisian bistros. We noticed it recently at the very 'in' Les Papilles.
The Bourgueil appellation is one we monitor closely because the wines are relatively affordable, yet there is a band of very serious winemakers who are doing terrific things with their Cabernet Franc vines here.
Catherine and Pierre Breton are at the forefront of this movement tending their vines organically and vinifying the grapes in the winery in their vineyard.
If you get a chance to try the 'Nuits d'Ivresse' you will experience a wonderful example of the Cabernet Franc grape vinified naturallly and bottled without added sulphur ensuring that it provides a lively expression on the palate. The Franc de Pied is a very serious wine with great depth of flavour and long length at the finish. The Perrieres comes from their oldest vines on limestone soil and shows the true elegance that can be achieved with this great grape.
At Spring restaurant in Paris recently we were delighted to try a 1993 Bourgueil from this wine maker. It was still fresh and delicious even after almost twenty years in the bottle!
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