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Carnaroli rice
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Carnaroli is considered by many food experts to be the finest rice for risotto making. It is high in amylopectin and produces a beautiful, creamy risotto. Another advantage of carnaroli is that there is a longer time between when it is just cooked and when it is overcooked (the rice grains are too soft) thus avoiding that dry stickiness which is so unpleasant in an overcooked risotto.
It is classified as a superfino rice because it is longer and thinner than, say, vialone nano. To qualify for superfino classification the grain must be longer than 6.4mm. One of the finest producers of carnaroli rice is Ferron.
It is worth checking rice that you buy to make sure that it is from Italy as carnaroli is now being produced in other countries such as Argentina.
You can order organic carnaroli by Ferron by clicking on the link below.
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