Long Jing tea, Huangzhou, Shanghai, China

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Long Jing tea
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Long Jing holds very fond memories for us. We were privileged to visit here with friends from Shanghai who managed to arrange a visit to one of the most prestigious tea farms in this district.
We spent a fascinating two hours listening to the owner of the tea farm explaining how the plants were grown, the importance of the terroir, the effect of the seasons, the difficulties in deciding when to pick, the importance of the making of the tea through the heating and rolling process.
It reminded us of the time we had spent in Burgundy listening to the winemakers discussing exactly the same issues!
The tea has become our firm favourite. It is delicate, light, aromatic and fragile. We drink it every day and even carry a container on all our overseas journeys because we cannot do without it.

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