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Gaia Ritinis Nobilis Retsina

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: Greece

Retsina is a wine that is derided by many in the industry. But in the hands of a skilled technician such as Yiannis Paraskevopoulos from Gaia Wines it can be a subtle and compelling drink. The subtle and elegant Gaia Ritinis Nobilis could change your mind about this wine.
The controversy stems from the pine resin that has traditionally been used to seal the amphorae in which the wine was stored. Later a film of resin was used to prevent the wine from oxidising.
Over twenty years ago we learned to love the best examples of these wines on a trip through Macedonia and Thrace in northern Greece. We sampled a retsina on the Halkidiki peninsula at Ouranoupolis where we sipped retsina and ate grilled octopus while watching the sun set over the Byzantine tower that dominates the town. Later we enjoyed the paring of retsina and grilled red mullet in the delightful coastal town of Kavala.
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