Raffles Hotel Singapore luxury charming sling long bar five star

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Raffles Hotel HeartHeartHeart
Location: 1.294721,103.85465
Open: Daily
Price: Expensive

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +65 337 1886
Address: 1 Beach Road
Singapore, 189673
Country: Singapore

Raffles in Singapore is one of the world's most charming hotels with possibly the friendliest and most helpful staff. Even the standard rooms here exude a luxury and attention to detail that is rare, even among five star hotels.
The only criticism that we have is that the lobby is often very crowded - and drinking a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar has now become such a tourist attraction that it has ceased to be interesting.
However, once you reach the guest-only areas it is heaven. The rooms are generously-proportioned and very well-appointed. Each has a small sitting area inside the front door that is separated from the bedroom. The beds are extremely comfortable and all modern conveniences are provided. The bathrooms are excellent.
We spent a lot of time on both of our last visits sitting outside our rooms on the veranda, typing our reviews on our laptops while the attentive staff ensured that we were always provided with tea, scones, gin and tonics or whatever else we needed to see us through the day!
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