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Domaine Rimbert
Natural wine

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: France

Domaine Rimbert is a rising star of the St Chinian appellation. It is the domaine of Jean-Marie Rimbert who makes wonderful wines based partly on old-vine carignan and uses biodynamic and natural methods in his winemaking.
The vineyards of Domaine Rimbert cling to the sloping foothills of the Cevennes in southwest France. The Carignan vines are bathed by winds from the Mediterranean and fed by the slate-schist soils of the region.
Pesticides are not used on the vines, yields are deliberately kept low to encourage quality fruit to develop and only naturally-occurring yeasts are used in production of the wine. Harvesting of the vines is carried out by hand.
The appellation for the area is the AOC Saint Chinian.
The dark-red wine called Le Chant de Marjolaine has cassis undertones and a steely backbone that is an expression of the terroir.
This is a wine we really love. It is gutsy, yet elegant, making the most of the difficult Carignan grape that seems to reach the height of its expression in this region.
We were first introduced to this wine at the wonderful restaurant called L'Atelier de Jean Luc Rabanel in Arles to accompany a guinea fowl that had been cooked in a salt crust. We had tried his food before at the famous La Chassagnette in the nearby Camargue, but this meal was particularly special. The wine worked perfectly with the guinea fowl. We loved the steely intensity of the flavour.
We will continue to seek out this wine as it is now one of our favourites!
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