Lost Valley Cortese: Australian version of Gavi di Gavi

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Lost Valley Cortese

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: Australia

The Lost Valley Cortese white wine from Victoria is a wine of considerable interest.
The Cortese grape is reputed to be a native of the Piedmont region of north-west Italy. It is the grape used for the legendary Gavi di Gavi wine from that area.
The DOC of Gavi di Gavi is centered on the village of Gavi where Napoleon rested after his victory in the battle of Marengo.
(The village of Gavi is almost at the centre of a triangle formed by the cities of Torino, Genoa and Milano.)
And the good news is that finally wines made from this noble grape are being produced outside of Italy.
The tiny Lost Valley vineyard can be found in the high country of northern Victoria near the town of Yea. It is owned by Robert Ippaso and Shane Jackman. All the wines are good, but we got particularly excited when we saw that they had released a wine made from this rare, yet delectable, Cortese grape.
The Lost Valley Cortese is a very fine wine indeed. It manages, at the same time, to be incredibly delicate yet has a fully developed flavour profile that begins with lemon and ends with honey. On the way through you pick up the normal fruit nuances associated with this variety, namely apples and pears.
The crispness and the lemon overtones make it the perfect accompaniment for shellfish and chicken.
It will mellow and develop over time.
This wine is very rare, especially outside Australia. If you are in the United States or Europe try a Cortese from one of the Italian Gavi di Gavi producers such as Pio Cesare.

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